Other Services

Pfixs supports your organisation’s entire examination cycle. Plan, design, deliver & Result

Physical Efficiency Test Through RFID

PET through RFID Reader accurately tracks the chip-time of each and every runner. All this technological leap in race timing is only possible via Radio-frequency identification (RFID). We’re committed to providing our customers a first-rate experience.


CCTV Surveillance

24 hours CCTV surveillance at the center to prevent fraud and malpractices. Recording of CCTV footage during the examination session. Recorded monitoring data can be used by customers for later investigation.


Frisking Services/ HHMD

Our frisking services ensure that unauthorised objects don’t get through, with the help of such utilities as HHMD, DFMD and Manuel Frisking services. Our Frisking man wear the PPE kit, face mask & glabs also to maintained the Covid-19 rules.